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Garage Door Opener Services - Charlotte, NC

Garage door openers are only useful if they work properly. A garage door is useless if the opener has a malfunction. The purpose of a garage door opener is to open and close the door. There are many brands of garage door opener Charlotte market today. Some brands are reliable; they are durable and effective in opening and closing doors. There are other brands which can be described as low quality. They are associated with frequent malfunctions, which make them unreliable.

Types of Garage Door Openers & Their Features

Like any other equipment, garage door openers get damaged, sometimes even beyond repair. This is where our opener repair and maintenance services in Charlotte become important. The door openers need services such as installation, inspection, maintenance and repair. These services are effectively offered by Charlotte Garage Door Specialists. These specialists handle all brands of garage door opener Charlotte, including Guardian, LiftMaster - Chain, Screw, Wall Mount, Belt and Chain. They can install, inspect, maintain and repair all types of door openers.

There are three common types of door openers: belt drive openers, screw drive openers and chain drive openers. The belt drive openers use fiber-reinforced belt to open and close garage doors while the screw drive openers use plastic track or threaded rod. The chain drive openers employ a steel chain to open and close garage doors.

The belt drive openers are not easy to install and maintain, but these garage door experts Charlotte can install and maintain them with no problem. Along with these three common types, keyless garage door opener & electric garage door opener are used for operating garage doors. We specialize in providing services for these too.

Garage Door Opener Installation Charlotte

A garage door opener installed by Charlotte Garage Door Specialists operates without any trouble for many years. Our door specialists are skilled and trained to handle any garage door problem. They use the right equipment and technology to offer high quality garage door opener installation Charlotte. The door specialists are skilled and well trained to handle any garage door problem.

Garage Door Openers Maintenance Charlotte

When it comes to maintenance, the gear assembly of garage door openers needs to be lubricated to keep it functioning properly. The force limits of the door openers need to be adjusted every 90 days to avoid unnecessary breakdowns. The springs of door openers need to be kept at high tension to prevent the door from getting misaligned. Our experienced technicians specializing in garage door opener maintenance Charlotte are adept at this. Charlotte Garage Door Specialists have the experience needed to offer these maintenance services effectively.

Garage Door Openers Repair Charlotte

Damaged garage door openers can possibly lead to broken shafts, damaged door sections, broken cables, bent tracks, damaged drums, broken springs, worn out rollers and broken hinges. Most garage door opener repair Charlotte involve replacing the broken parts. Some opener problems can be corrected by realigning or adjusting the affected components. Garage door opener malfunctions can cause great risk to your property.

Damaged openers encourage theft. Garage doors with broken openers may not open or close properly. This may lead to harsh weather conditions damaging your property. Charlotte Garage Door Specialists provide reliable garage door repairs which prevents these damages.


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