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Garage Door Opener Remotes - Charlotte, NC

Having a garage door can make you feel safer, but it can also make your home a target for burglars and thieves. Garage doors are the first point of target for burglars to gain entry into the house. You probably stock several resalable items, including car tools, unused equipment, lawnmowers and other highly valued items in your garage, which is one of the reasons why thieves target garage doors. Not to mention, most garage doors have little security, including having an emergency release lever which can be used to gain access to your garage and eventually house.

One recommended method that you can use to make your garage door more secure is installing a garage door opener remote in your home. Garage door remotes work as either a dip switch or as a rolling code.

Doing Away With the Emergency Release Lever

Because some burglars will use the coat hanger technique to release the emergency lever and gain access to your garage, it is always advisable to disable it. The emergency release lever in the garage door is meant to assist the garage owner access the garage in the event the automatic garage door does not work or in the event of electricity loss.

In case one feels that doing away with the emergency lever is extreme, they can lock the release lever. This can be done by use of a plastic cable to tie the lever to the carriage assembly that it is attached to.

Using a DIP Switch

A Dual Inline Package (DIP) switch is another effective way to improve your garage door opening security. A DIP switch works on the principle of transmitter and receiver patterns. To get the garage door opened the pattern of the transmitter (remote) must be the same as the pattern in the receiver. The DIP switch usually has eight patterns and therefore has a possible combination of 256 codes.

Just make sure that you regularly change the patterns so you are not vulnerable to signal hackers.

Use of a Rolling Code

With over 100 billion possible combinations, the Rolling code is the most foolproof and secure method you can use to enhance the integrity of your garage door. Also known as the hopping code, it works by generating new codes every time you press the garage door remote as both the receiver and the transmitter have similar random number generators.

When you press the transmitter (remote), the code signal it sends out is picked up by the receiver which accepts it if it has a similar code, resulting in the opening of the garage door. Once the code is accepted, a new code is generated and the old one won't work anymore. The rolling code method prevents signal replay hackers as the generated code can only be used once.

The rolling code has been made with modern signal encryption tools. It is easy to use and guarantees your garage door security. Apart from this, there are some other remotes for garage door opener like-

  • Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Charlotte
  • Raynor Garage Door Opener Remote Charlotte
  • Legacy Garage Door Opener Remote Charlotte
  • Linear Garage Door Opener Remote Charlotte
  • Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote Charlotte
  • LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Remote Charlotte
  • Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Remote Charlotte

A remote garage door opener that Charlotte Garage Door Specialists offers can ensure ease in operating your garage door.


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